Advisory: COVID 19

With the rising global concern surrounding Corona Virus, ART is cognisant of the effects on our clients and that these effects extend far beyond the risk of infection.

As such we have established a 24 hour COVID-19 Crisis Call Desk within the ART 24 Operations Centre where our team are on standby to help answer any queries and facilitate action plans including transport.

 24/7/365 COVID-19 Crisis desk number – +27 10 500 9004

 We have engaged with the experts in crisis management who have accessed trusted resources such as the World Health Organisation website, South African National Institute of Communicable Diseases [NICD], the National Department of Health [DOH] as well as several private hospitals and diagnostic pathology groups to compile a list of FAQ’s which we trust will assist in attending to some of your queries.  If, however, you have any additional queries or you would like to discuss your specific insurance requirements, please do not hesitate to contact your Insurance Advisor for assistance.

Below are some immediate guidelines for you to get started.

What are the symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus [2019-nCoV]?

The symptoms of the virus include but are not limited to:

▪ A dry or productive cough
▪ Shortness of Breath
▪ Generalized body pains [malaise]
▪ Fatigue
▪ Fever [above 38° Celsius]

You will note that these symptoms are similar to flu symptoms.

How does the Corona Virus spread between humans?

The virus is spread between humans in droplets from coughing, sneezing, touching or shaking hands.

How do we determine whether we are dealing with a possible case of the Coronavirus?

A definitive diagnosis can only be confirmed by performing specialised tests on blood and sputum in a laboratory. It is therefore impossible to diagnose a patient with the Coronavirus telephonically based on clinical symptoms only.

Which patients will need further investigation?

Patient that meet the following criteria will need testing:

Display symptoms of an Acute Respiratory Tract Infection

▪ A dry or productive cough
▪ Shortness of Breath
▪ Generalized body pains [malaise]
▪ Fatigue
▪ Fever [above 38° Celsius]


Reside or have travelled from an area where the virus has recently been reported within 14 days prior to presenting with the symptoms

▪ China [high risk]
▪ Italy [high risk]
▪ Hong Kong[high risk]
▪ Japan[high risk]
▪ South Korea[medium risk]


The symptoms cannot be attributed to an existing Respiratory Tract Infection of which the cause has been diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

What will happen if it is determined that a guest may have Novel Coronavirus [2019-nCoV]?

The guest will need immediate transport to a facility via ambulance (for containment reasons) where definitive diagnostic tests can be performed. The guest will be placed into isolation until results are confirmed.  It must be noted that the costs for these ambulance services will not be covered by ART24 and must be borne by the guest. Guests need to be informed accordingly.

ART24 Guest cover remains in place to respond to sudden and unforeseen incidents that are immediately life threatening and require emergency medical services.  ART24 does not cover primary healthcare related matters.

What are some of the personal considerations you should keep in mind?

  • If you are planning an upcoming holiday, you should consider the health of your family and those people that you are in regular contact with. If anyone in your circle is in a vulnerable group, such as the elderly or those with pre-existing medical conditions, you should take extra precautions when you return from your trip to ensure that you don’t expose others.  You could consider undergoing a test at an approved testing facility or undergoing a self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.
  • If you are still in the process of booking a trip, we would recommend that you contact us to discuss the various travel insurance options available.

Do I have insurance cover for Covid-19 related loss or damage?

In general, a short term policy is designed to provide cover for sudden and unforeseen events and it is important to note that most standard short term policies do not provide cover for loss or damage as a result of the spread of disease.  That being said, as your short term financial service providers, we are engaging with our trusted product providers to ensure that we are able to answer your insurance and risk queries during this time of crisis.

We will, very shortly, be releasing additional information regarding the insurance-related FAQ’s and other risk reducing guidelines.

If you have an immediate and urgent query, please contact your Insurance Advisor.

Disclaimer – The moment that the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic, it has an impact on all Insurance policies and Reinsurance policies. Specific queries regarding impacts on your cover will need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and we would therefore recommend that you contact your advisor to discuss your risks and risk management implications.