Commercial and Industrial

  • Air fleet operators
  • Agriculture
  • Associations & Not-for-profit organisations
  • Body Corporates
  • Commercial & Heavy Motor Vehicle Fleets
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Contract Works
  • Events
  • Franchise Operations
  • Gyms and Fitness Centres
  • Medical Practices
  • Motor Fleets
  • Schools
  • Sports
  • Tourism & Hospitality Establishments
  • Tour Adventure Operators

Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage insurance covers sudden or unforeseen losses or accidental damage to property, or loss of function by any cause that is not specifically excluded, or for which insurance may be not available under any other policy.
Damage caused by the following are excluded from Accidental Damage insurance cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Deterioration with age
  • Wilful or deliberate acts
  • Defective workmanship
Accidental Damage Insurance
Contents Insurance


Contents insurance is comprehensive cover for office contents and documents.

Right now, your business contents represent one of your organisation’s largest and most important investments. The loss experienced in the event of a fire, burglary or flood would be irreparable. It could either put you out of business or force you to close your company for a time, if you’re not covered with the right level of Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management. Protect all the contents inside the premises of your business: computers, files, furniture, and more with Contents insurance.

Your business contents will be insured under Contents insurance, in the case of fire, explosion, earthquake, riot, malicious damage, theft, civil commotion and other similar events.

Contractors All Risks

Also known as Contract Works insurance and Plant and Materials insurance, a comprehensive Contractors insurance policy is essential for contract work. Optional Contractors Liability can be included.

As a contractor, it’s very important to get your tools, materials and building works covered against loss or damage when they’re being used for a project.

With Contractors insurance you will be protected against accidental and malicious damage, as well as theft, at a contract site. This includes work in progress, tools, and fixed and unfixed materials on-site.

Contractors All Risks Insurance
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability

A breach of a fiduciary duty by a director or officer of the business is covered by Directors and Officers Liability insurance.

Directors and officers can be held responsible for different issues, including:

  • Health and safety
  • Data protection
  • Maintaining satisfactory accounts
  • Fraud
  • Negligence

Ensure the directors, officers and the company are protected against damages and commercial crimes with Directors and Officers Liability insurance. If the director or officer accidentally acted outside the terms of reference. Your business can rest assured that compensation and legal fees will be covered.

Electronic Equipment

For comprehensive insurance covering computers, laptops, other electronic equipment and sophisticated gadgetry use Electronic Equipment insurance.

Crime, fluctuating weather patterns and poor-quality electronics make this coverage essential in easing the cost of replacement or repair.

Theft and Lightning are the most expensive and common cause of Electronic Equipment claims.

Electronic Equipment Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability

Liability incurred upon employees’ death or injuries experienced while on duty is covered by Employers Liability insurance.

Being an employer, all responsibility rests with you when it comes to the health and safety of your employees while at work. If they are ill or injured at the workplace they might claim compensation from you, because they believe you are responsible. Employers Liability insurance helps with defending claims that you are legally liable to pay.

In most countries it is compulsory for all employers to have Employers Liability insurance, even if contributing to Workman’s Compensation schemes.


Fidelity insurance also known as commercial crimes insurance covers the loss of money and property due to dishonest employees.

Theft, embezzlement, forgery and computer crimes can be insured under Fidelity insurance. The loss of property will be covered while the property is on work premises, while it is in transit, and temporarily in a different location.

Employee dishonesty takes many forms. Read the Fidelity policy thoroughly to foresee the exclusions.

In addition, taking out a Fidelity bond will cover the funds of your business and the people who have access to them. This more specific form of cover is likely to save your business on its premiums, and covers loss due to employee dishonesty.

Fidelity Insurance
Fire and Allied Perils Insurance

Fire and Allied Perils

Fire and Allied Perils coverage is extremely customisable.

Policies can be structured to suit, for example, hospitality establishments that are constructed using unconventional materials such as thatch, canvas, wood or local materials. A common scenario for bush lodges, beach lodges or safari tented camps.

Alternatively, a Fire and Allied Perils insurance policy may be structured to suit hospitality establishments that are constructed using standard “brick under tile”. This is typical for country inns, hotels, guest lodges and guest houses.

Fire and Allied Perils cover may also be structured to suit private residences or purpose-built facilities operating as B&Bs. These businesses provide standard services to paying guests, but do not offer activities.

In addition to catering for the owner’s specific requirements, ART’s comprehensive Asset Protection plan will always include insurance cover against natural perils such as fires, storms, wind, cyclones and flooding, including subsidence and landslip. Our standard extensions, which are included at no extra cost, have been developed to ensure that when quick response is needed for a Fire and Allied Perils claim, you are not faced with an exclusions dilemma.

Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption

Machinery Breakdown insurance is for the unforeseen and sudden physical loss of, or damage to, machinery.

Because of technological advances in every field, it is essential to have Machinery Breakdown insurance, especially in an industrial setting and the manufacturing sector. When the unexpected happens, the damage of expensive machinery equipment will delay or interrupt mass production, which in turn affects cash flow.

This insurance covers:

  • Losses from steam explosion, mechanical breakdown, or electric arcing.
  • Losses to property of others in your care, custody or control.
  • Repair or replacement costs for damaged property.

Business Interruption insurance covers losses following the interruption of the business due to damage to property insured under the Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption insurance policy.

Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption Insurance
Money Insurance


This financial insurance product is specifically for the loss of money in the physical form of cash and cheques.

Businesses such as restaurants, pubs, and cafes handle significant amounts of money daily. This money needs to be kept safe and make it to the bank without hassle.


Motor insurance is comprehensive or limited insurance for a vehicle, covering vehicles used for private, business or professional use.

  • Private use is driving along familiar roads between your home and workplace.
  • Professional use is where the car has an integral work function – for example, a company driver.
  • Business use combines private and professional use.
Motor Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability

Professional Liability insurance covers legal defence and compensation awarded due to the negligence or failure of professional persons. It is also known as Errors and Omissions insurance.

With this cover, the professional person/policy holder is protected against claims they are legally obligated to pay because of an error or omission in their professional work. This includes failure of work performance as promised in the contract.

Mistakes happen. Ensure your mistakes, the mistakes of your employees, and the mistakes of hired independent contractors are covered as well.


Property cover includes fire, flood, earthquake, inland marine and boiler insurance.

This insurance protects against damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake, storm, lightning, explosion, theft and other specified perils in respect of your company’s building, machinery, stock and other contents.

Property Insurance
Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability

Pay-outs made for Public Liabilities are made towards third parties because of death, bodily injury, illness or damage to property that may arise from the activities of the insured. Product-centric public liability and defective workmanship can be included under this section of the policy, and in certain instances include specialised liabilities, such as product recall.

It is especially important for businesses that manufacture products to have Public Liability insurance, because their products can potentially cause damage or harm. One claim could send your company into bankruptcy in the litigious society of today.

Public Liability insurers have the duty to defend, indemnify and to settle a reasonably clear claim.

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

ART can provide both General Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

This combined cover protects the legal liability arising from the death of, or bodily injury to, any guest or damage to their property, and subsequent claims for financial compensation that may be instituted against you because of your negligence, errors or omissions.

An important extension to the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policy is that the defence costs are not capped, and will have a cover of up to the full indemnity limit. Another unique feature of the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance is that the policy also covers the negligent acts of your appointed subcontractors. We make sure your professional liability insurance and risk management profile is diverse and extensive.

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance
Theft Insurance


Theft Insurance covers loss or damage caused by theft.

Please note that Theft insurance does not cover any loss or damage from any type of fire, explosion, flood, or anything that does not have to do with the forceful removal or damage of insured objects.


Use Transit insurance for comprehensive insurance of goods that are not transported by sea. Restricted cover can be taken.

Transit insurance covers:

  • Home Contents Transit Insurance – Cover household goods that are being transported by professionals or yourself.
  • Goods in Transit Insurance – Cover goods while being transported by you.
  • Specified Items in Transit Insurance – Cover a specified item or items while being transported by you.
  • Carriers Liability Insurance – Cover the operators for non-owned goods they are transporting that have been damaged because of operator negligence.

The Transit insurance policies listed are available for single shipment purchase, or annually to cover all shipments. Annual transit coverage is cheaper than single transit insurance.

Transit Insurance
Transport Insurance


This Transport insurance product is available on an annually renewable basis. It is designed to offer appropriate transport risk protection for tourism transport providers dealing with fare-paying passengers.

Motor (game viewing, shuttle, transfer and coach vehicles), marine (yacht, ski-boat, houseboat, canoe and rafts) and aviation (fixed wing, rotor wing and hot air balloons) passenger liability is covered by this policy. The policy is further explained as:

Motor: Complete wheels transport insurance cover for tour operators, coach operators, overland, transfer and game-viewing vehicles used in the transportation of tourists.

Marine: Provides comprehensive transport insurance on hulls, motors, furnishings and all equipment on any marine vessel, whether utilised on the ocean or inland waters for private or commercial use. Additional Transport insurance covers road transit and trailers.

Aviation: Transport insurance includes the Aircraft Hull, Pilots Deductible cover, Pilots Personal Accident cover, Excess Passenger and Third Party Liability, Airport Owners and Operator Liability, Non-ownership Liability, Breach of Warranty and Landing Strip Liability.