Motor marine and aviation Transport Insurance for tourism transport providers


This Transport insurance product is available on an annually renewable basis. It is designed to offer appropriate transport risk protection for tourism transport providers dealing with fare-paying passengers.

Motor (game viewing, shuttle, transfer and coach vehicles), marine (yacht, ski-boat, houseboat, canoe and rafts) and aviation (fixed wing, rotor wing and hot air balloons) passenger liability is covered by this policy. The policy is further explained as:

Motor: Complete wheels transport insurance cover for tour operators, coach operators, overland, transfer and game-viewing vehicles used in the transportation of tourists.

Marine: Provides comprehensive transport insurance on hulls, motors, furnishings and all equipment on any marine vessel, whether utilised on the ocean or inland waters for private or commercial use. Additional Transport insurance covers road transit and trailers.

Aviation: Transport insurance includes the Aircraft Hull, Pilots Deductible cover, Pilots Personal Accident cover, Excess Passenger and Third Party Liability, Airport Owners and Operator Liability, Non-ownership Liability, Breach of Warranty and Landing Strip Liability.

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