Life Insurance Quote


Life Insurance Quote

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Joint Life, First Death: Pays out on the 'First Death'. Joint Life, Second Death: Pays out only on the 'Second Death'

Life Assured

Policy Details

Permanent/Total Disability: A lump sum will be paid to you if you are disabled. Critical Illness: A lump sum will be paid to you if you are diagnosed with a serious or critical illness as determined by the insurers predetermined list of serious or critical illnesses

Cover Amount

The number of years you would like to be insured for
Guaranteed Premium rates can be used to give certainty that your premium will never change but this always comes with an extra cost of roughly 5% or more i.e. the longer the guarantee, the higher cost. The extra cost relates to the additional capital that needs to be held to cover the uncertainty in the projections. Although the guaranteed option gives you peace of mind and protects you from the premium ever increasing, it also means that premiums cannot ever decrease
If you select Indexation, your sum assured increases automatically by roughly 5% and the premium increases by 6.7% at renewal

Medical Underwriting Evaluation

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